God's Story: Generosity

2 Corinthians 9:7

“...God loves a cheerful giver.” (NIV)


Bible Passage: Mark 12:41-44

Learning Objective: The children will learn what it means to give generously and sacrificially.

1. “In this passage, Jesus is observing what people were giving to the church. The rich people put in a lot of money and then a poor widow came to give two small copper coins which equaled one penny. Who do you think God appreciates more? The rich people who gave a lot or the poor widow who gave a penny?” Receive answers from the children.

2. Reread verse 43. “Why does Jesus say the widow put in more than anyone else? Didn’t she only give one penny?” Receive answers from the children.

3. “Jesus explains to us why in verse 44. The rich people, even though they may have put in a lot of money, it was still only a little bit of what they had. But, the widow gave everything she had to God. She only had one penny and she gave away the whole penny.”

4. “The poor widow gave generously and sacrificially. What do you think it means to give generously?” Receive suggestions from the children.

5. “To give generously, means giving away your money without being concerned about having enough left over for yourself. Giving generously means you give a lot of what you have.”

6. “What do you think it means to give sacrificially?” Receive suggestions from the children.

7. “To give sacrificially, means we are not selfish with our money because we want to buy a new video game or doll. Instead we give up getting our new toy to give the money away to build up God’s Kingdom and His work.”


Give your child two pennies and ask them to think of two things they can do this week to offer themselves to God to show Him how much they love Him (for example: help with chores, give outgrown clothes away, share toys, etc.) Then encourage them to tell the person they help about the story of the widow who gave all she had to show her love for God.

• Can we only offer money to God? (No, an offering can be anything we offer to God.)

• How does God want us to give our offerings? (Cheerfully and willingly)

• Pray together about everyone’s opportunities during the week to offer themselves to God. Tell them the 2 coins are a reminder to pray for opportunities to give cheerfully and sacrificially each day.