Paul Taught in Athens Toddler Lesson

Acts 4:20

We must tell what we have seen and heard about Jesus.

Worship in Song

Sing to the tune of "This Old Man":

We must tell what we've seen.

We must tell what we have heard.

We must tell what we have seen and heard.

*God wants us to tell someone.

*Substitute: Jesus is the Son of God.

Go on a Touch Walk

Walk around the room, stopping to touch things with different textures. Invite children to join you as you walk.

Comment that Paul walked or sailed to new places to tell people about Jesus.

Touch an item that begins with the letter a or touch an alphabet letter a.

Say that one of the towns Paul taught in was named Athens, which begins with the letter a.

Load Bibles in a Wagon

(Gather small wagon or basket, Bibles, people figures, tape. Place Bibles, people figures, and wagon together. Use tape to make an area as the "city.")

Allow your child to load the Bibles into the wagon.

Encourage them to pull the wagon to the "city."

Help your child stand up the people figures as they unload the Bibles.

Comment: "Paul went to Athens to teach people about Jesus. We learn about Jesus in the Bible. Missionaries today travel to tell people about Jesus and teach them the Bible.